About this PR chick

A token Aussie in Asia (not really, there are plenty of us). Coming from the land of beaches, you probably didn’t expect someone quite so pale – a result of my Scandinavian mother. I came to Hong Kong to pursue my love of karaoke & teach the world to say “mate”. A lover of movies, karaoke (did I mention that already?), champagne, glitter, brunch, AFL (that’s hot Australian men running around in tight shorts kicking a ball around) & basketball – with all the fabulous events I get to attend in Hong Kong (& various other outposts) in addition to my full-time work in Sports Marketing, I just wanted to share my PR knowledge, thoughts & general musings to the greater wider web. It’s like a gossip column, with people you don’t know of!


2 thoughts on “About this PR chick

  1. Hi Natasha

    I saw you s have exclusive pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo at the Soho house…wondering if you had anyone to syndicate them for you if you own the rights to them? If not we would like to and can split all revenue with you 65/35. We have overseas contacts that would pay good money for those pics.

    Let me know as soon as you can…thanks 🙂

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