La Perla Largest Flagship Opening

La Perla opened its biggest flagship store in the world at Russell Street, Hong Kong on Thursday 29 October, 2015 and celebrated it with a Grand Opening party that took place in a specially made structure lit up and prepared like a film set, at Pier 4.

The massive party hosted 500 guests including brand ambassadors Liu Wen – the Chinese top model who stars in the La Perla advertising campaigns and actor and model Hu Bing – considered one of the leading fashion influencers in China.

Guests were welcomed with a performance from the choreographer Bianca Li, who brought together 8 models and 14 dancers, recreating the emotions of a film from the ’50s and ’60s, as they sampled Italian limoncello and artisanal gelato.

The store is their largest flagship in the world and will feature the most comprehensive selection of La Perla’s collections, spread over four levels. The boutiques pièce de résistance is the huge 13×9 metre screen erected outside the facade, which presents clips and images from La Perla campaigns and collections and can be seen from one of/if not THE most famous shopping space in Hong Kong: Times Square, Causeway Bay.

La Perla Flagship Party

La Perla Flagship Party

Impressive structure just for a party…good thing weather behaved

La Perla Flagship

La Perla Flagship Store


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