Zadig & Voltaire – This is Zadig Party

Zadig & Voltaire celebrated the launch of their new ‘This is Her!’ and ‘This is Him!’ fragrances with a cocktail party at an edgy warehouse in Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong on 18 August 2016.

The perfumes, which can be interchanged and worn unisex, come in either black or white bottles, which provided the monochromatic styling cues of the event, with guests instructed to come in ‘Be Rock! Be Zadig!’ dress code.

Reflecting the edgy and hip french brand, the party wouldn’t have looked out of place in the Lower East Side or Brooklyn, with the space filled with all things required in a hipster home. Exposed bulb lighting – check, vinyl records – check, leather couches – check, guitars (electric & acoustic) – check, polaroid photos – check and even a motorcycle which served as the ultimate prop for the video booth. 

Entertainment was provided by Canto rock band Supper Moment as guests sipped on champagne and whiskey.

Both fragrances have top notes of sandalwood, with the white bottle “This is Her!”also containing jasmine, pink pepper and chestnut cream and the black bottle, the men fragrance “This is Him!”including grapefruit, black pepper, incense and vanilla. The fragrances go on sale to the public September 1, with guests at the event lucky to take home a full size bottle as gift.


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