Tour de France Malaysian Launch

M Kumaresan (left) and Muhammad Adiq Husainie Othman (right) pose with Malaysia National Cycling Federation Deputy President Datuk Naim Mohamad to promote Eurosport’s coverage of the Tour de France on Astro TV (ch 814)

To mark the start of Eurosport’s live coverage of the Tour de France in 2012, I arranged a media stunt and launch in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday 28 June, 2012.

London 2012 Olympics qualifier, Muhammad Adiq Husainie Othman, joined Asian Games medalist and ex-Olympian, M.Kumaresan at the event at Maya Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Wearing replica yellow jerseys, made famous by the world’s pinnacle road race, the two Malaysian riders took part in the Eurosport time trial challenge, amidst a backdrop of the city’s illustrious Petronas Towers.

Kumaresan, best remembered for becoming the first Malaysian cyclist to qualify for the Olympics back in 1988 (Seoul), kicked off the three-mile time trial, before his younger counterpart joined the fold.

The 45 year-old demonstrated exactly why he was the country’s top performing cyclist for over a decade, as he managed to finish the distance in a remarkable 7 minutes and 4 seconds, six seconds faster than Muhammad Adiq Husainie Othman.

Speaking of the forthcoming road race, Kemaman-born Adiq Husainie said, “The live Tour de France coverage is fantastic for cycling fans in Malaysia. When I was cycling we had to wait months to see footage of the race, but now it’s accessible to the masses and provides an opportunity for the country to learn more about the sport. It’s the best race in the world and I will most certainly be watching! ”

Despite embarking on a rigorous training programme ahead of the forthcoming Olympics, 21-year-old Adiq Husainie still managed to make a special trip to the city to support Eurosport’s activity. As one of the two Malaysian riders selected to represent the country in London, he is being hailed as Malaysia’s future Tour de France hopeful.

With the upcoming Olympics as well as strong cycling following in Malaysia (one of the main reasons for having conducted the event in KL, as well as Astro being our largest platform in Asia) a strong media presence made it out for the launch, with positive press coverage, including mention of channel number and broadcast details in TV, print and online from the following:


1. The Star

2. New Straits Times

3. Utusan

4. Berita Harian

5. Kosmo


1. Astro Arena

2. Astro Awani

3. Bernama TV

4. TV1

5. TV2

6. RTM (TV3)



2. Cycling Malaysia

3. Roda Pantas




1. Astro Radio

This video is from The Star, the No. 1 English daily in KL:

Results: The $25,000 (USD) PR launch in Kuala Lumpur for Tour de France coverage on Eurosport resulted in over $500,000 (USD) in positive press coverage!

New Straits Times 30 June 2012

The Star 29 June 2012

The Star 18 July 2012

Kosmo 01 July 2012


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