IU Movie & Lifestyle Club Launch w Keanu Reeves


The new lifestyle club “iu movie & lifestyle club” bills itself as a chic community for Hong Kong’s discerning movie lovers, who enjoy a rich and cosmopolitan lifestyle. With not much information on what this club entails, but being the popcorn cine-file fiend I am, I was keen to attend this launch, which included a choice of 3 films to view at IFC cinemas before an after-party at The Box on Thursday 26 July, 2012.

The hype for this event reached fever pitch when it was revealed that international Hollywood star Keanu Reeves would be in attendance for this launch..not that I needed much more incentive. Girls packed into The Box sipping Moet and Chandon in gold goblets awaiting the moment when Johnny Utah/Neo would make his entrance. And he did not disappoint.

Discussing the merits of 35mm film vs digital film, the topic of his documentary “Side By Side” (one of the 3 movie choices that night), Keanu had a worthy adversary in local superstar Daniel Wu, despite the boisterous crowd being more preoccupied in taking iPhone photos of the stars than actually hearing what they had to say.

I was actually intrigued in the conversation and managed to interject with my 2 cents, as can be heard in this You Tube clip.


The club with its introductory 1st year price of $1,200 (HKD) includes among other things: 4X movie tickets per month and opportunities to attend legitimate premieres at Venice and Cannes Film Festivals. Sounds like a great deal to me. Hope it takes off here in Hong Kong! Hey if they can pull Keanu Reeves for their opening party, it certainly bodes well.



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