Shanghai Tang Flagship Opening

The much-anticipated grand opening of the New Shanghai Tang Mansion was held on Thursday 26 April, 2012. After being unceremoniously kicked out of their long-standing Peddder St location by incoming collegiate behemoth Abercrombie & Fitch, Shanghai Tang didn’t cry over their dumping. No, the luxury Hong Kong brand did the break up equivalent of working out and dating a new hot man – by designing a bigger and better flagship store around the corner on Duddell Street, Central.
And, the new and improved mansion, is well, Huge! Being on a side street (no less in the middle of Central though) has allowed the brand to give the new mansion a much more grandiose spacious feel, with 4 floors of fashion, chandeliers, high ceilings and a rumoured restaurant/cafe to open on the 5th floor later this year.
This 5th floor- currently an empty shell- was used to great effect at the opening party, whereby a makeshift nightclub area was erected. Absolut Vodka and Mumm supplied the bar (and drinks) and a DJ booth was also in place, as lights were turned down low, and music up high. Absolut also created a spacial “Shanghai Tang-Tini” for the event combining Peach Absolut and Soda, it was delicious!
The Shanghai Tang Mansion is now open at 1 Duddell Street, Central.

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