COACH Nathan Rd Store Opening

End of the festive season means only one thing- the return of the event one! Preppy American brand (with preppy American Gwyneth Paltrow as brand ambassador) have been throwing fetes all over Asia in celebrations of 70 years of handbags and leathery goods. Now in it’s 71st year, COACH opened their flagship Kowloon store on Nathan Road on Friday 13 January, 2012.

Asian culture doesn’t have the same connotation attached to Friday the 13th (with 4 being the bad number in Asian cultures) and the expats in the crowded store also didn’t seem to mind – which much excitement being made of an event on a Friday night, rather than the usual “school night”.

COACH put on a great “NY-esque” celebration, with cookies, pretzels, mini cupcakes and burgers, branded photo booth, tattoo artist carving luggage tags and obligatory French Champagne, alongside NY drinks “Manhattan’s” for the boys and “Cosmopolitan’s” for the girls.




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