adidas All In Party

adidas celebrated the Hong Kong launch of their new – and largest ever – marketing campaign, with a massive party at the Ocean Terminal Rooftop Carpark (yep, a car park) in Harbour City, Kowloon on Thursday 24 March, 2011. The “adidas is all in” campaign has some high-profile adidas names attached to it, including Katy Perry and Dwight Howard (my fav BBaller) among others.

The Hong Kong celebrity ambassadors Eason Chan, model Angelababy and Parkho Chau were in attendance in the expansive VIP section where guest enjoyed vodka in plastic cups, roaming Darth Vader and Stoormtroopers (nod to another adidas campaign that incorporated Star Wars) and highly danceable tunes spun by DJ Jus Ske and DJ Spenny.

The fashion show latest a good hour, interspersed with (in our ex-pat eyes) hilarious Canto-Pop, but the party kicked on for a few hours after that at least. I LOVE adidas parties, they are always the best!


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