I.T Flagship Grand Opening Party

On Tuesday 26 April, 2011 Hong Kong trendsetting boutique I.T opened their huge flagship store at One Hysan, Causeway Bay.

And what a party it was! Catering to the ADD among us all, there was traditional Chinese lion dancing, confetti falling from the rooftops (and all over the streets of Causeway Bay), tap dancing troupes, ice-cream stands, slushi stands, old style popcorn, a light photo booth, space age air hockey, an Absolut vodka bar, a nail bar and a live boxing match among other activities to entertain in the four-storey space housing an assortment of select international brands, as well as the store brands: I.T, BAPE, I.T Men, i.t.

It was a veritable feast for the senses with so much going on, and worth the hour wait it took to get in…with the event bringing out a huge contingent of local celebrities and socialites and hordes of people in the street gawking at all the fuss surrounding the 25,000 square foot concept store


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