Longchamp – Grand Opening of La Maison 8

Longchamp opened its biggest flagship store in Asia and its second biggest store in the world on Tuesday 29 March, 2011 with a party in Hong Kong that drew hundreds of socialites, celebrities (me included!) and the biggest iconic model draw card of all – Kate Moss.

The uber cool fashionista/designer and model, wearing a black and white cheongsam and carrying a clutch from the Kate Moss for Longchamp spring collection, posed gamely for throngs of photographers before being whisked into a secluded VIP room, where she proceeded to chain smoke like a chimney.

 The inimitable supermodel, who’s been the face of Longchamp for years, and brand owner Jean Cassegrain officiated the opening ceremony, among other notable guests, such as Carina Lau and Vivian Chow. There was rumour that up to an additional 1000 guests jam-packed the vast 3,100-square-foot store (dubbed La Maison 8), hoping to catch a glimpse of Miss Moss. While waiting, the throngs listened to some fab eclectic tunes played by the DJ’s on hand (think Jackson 5,  Madonna when she was Mrs Penn, New Order etc.), downed countless glasses of Veuve and nibbled on sweet treats made specially for the occasion, including special “8” chocolates and simply divine mini apple pancakes.

Longchamp’s La Maison 8 is located at No. 8 Queen’s Road Central in Hong Kong, the most favoured number in Asian culture, I’m sure they will be hoping that is an omen for future handbag sales. As a parting gift for the night, all those that attended received a sterling silver “8” key ring, so that good luck can follow all that attended the high wattage event. 


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