Golden Globe 2011 Fashion

So coming from a complete amateur fashion follower, here is my biased and completely unnecessary take on the Golden Globes fashion this year:

  • Overall not many blunders, and even those that failed (Helen Bonham Carter, Michelle Williams, Tilda Swinton – I’m looking at you) their fashion faux pas’ were not in same league as a backless suited Celine Dion or a Bjork swan.
  • Not sure about this emerald-green craze. Not a colour many can pull off, although Catherine Zeta-Jones channeled Scarlett O’Hara masterfully so gets two points for her attempt.
  • Ladies if attending an award ceremony that is covered by the media ACROSS THE GLOBE, why not get your hair done?! If wearing a $10K gown, I’m sure an extra $200 to have your hair done up is not too much to ask.

So to my winners and one loser:

Best dressed

  • Natalie Portman – this is the way to dress a ‘blooming’ baby bump. It’s quirky and different, but somehow this is why it makes me love it even more. The dress did divide critics though – they either loved or hated the pink Victor & Rolf dress, and I’m guessing it was the polarizing sparkly red rose on the front. I wasn’t sure what to make of it either, but still thinking about the dress and remembering her hair (see, it’s up and classy ladies) and diamond necklace, this is the look that has stuck the longest in my mind. Kind of reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw when SATC was still cool and not just followed by Bogans and Chavs thinking that drinking Cosmo’s and visiting the Meatpacking District means they have seen the “real” NYC (remember the big flower badge craze).
  • January Jones – phwoar!! Looking hot lady. Love the red Versace, which shows off her bangin’ body, without being slutty or obscene. Gorgeous hair and make up too, giving the look the right level of class. This is Marilyn Monroe in Gentleman Prefer Blondes, not in Something’s Got To Give (n.b. her last unfinished movie that she was fired from for boozing, popping pills and generally falling over drunk and naked).
  • Oliver Wilde- gorgeous colour, gorgeous sparkle. This black Marchesa dress with silver sequins and tulle would make any woman swoon and is the ultimate princess dress, without looking like a uhm, princess, I guess (i.e. no tacky tiara’s here). This would be my favourite dress of the night if she had not broken my boring-hair-at award-ceremonies rule, this strapless dream would have looked even more unbelievable with just a simple French Chignon.

Worst Dressed

  • Michelle Williams – sorry bland shapeless potato sack doesn’t an award gown make. I don’t care how much of a flower child you are honey. Peace out!

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