September Club

Being stuck back in Australia for a couple of months, while fun for a number of reasons, namely: catching up with friends, the beach, the footy, the cricket, the sausage rolls, the beer, the humour and the races…there has been one thing lacking, which has made my posts rather lacking (or more so, non-existent..) a lack of events! It is surprising to note, while I could scam my way into exclusive events with actual bona fide A list stars in Hong Kong and New York City (hello the Fonz!), in Australia its notoriously harder. Unless you are one of the footy WAG’s, who become famous doing absolutely nothing except snagging a bogan footballer (for more on WAG’s, check out my Guest of a Guest article here) or a D grade soap star it is hard to swindle your way in.

Pining to be back on the non-stop Hong Kong event circuit, I nonetheless am remembering some events I did manage to attend in Aus, mostly because I was working them. One of the best is the annual AFL Grand Final corporate hospitality my old work place agency (ESP) run: The September Club.

Essentially a set of corporate hospitality tents that are available for the most prominent of AFL sponsors, such as NAB, Channel 10 etc., the tents are all housed in a grassy enclosed commune outside of the hallowed MCG during that one day in September to entertain important clients and VIPs. While the actual match is from approx 2.30pm-5.30pm, The September Club starts at 12pm and goes to 12am. That’s a whole lotta socializing to be done!

Inviting key clients, football personalities and pseudo Australian celebrities the action really kicks off after the Grand Final has been won and the serious drinking can begin. With all the corporates and celebrities back from their MCG seats, the fully catered tents become an open field day- where you can drink and mingle among all the different tents.

Adding to this is band who play in the tent square…the year that I went 2007, the band was one of my favourites (and perennial goldie oldie favourite): Little River Band. While my work friends closer in age to me looked at me like I was nuts- I raced over to join the throng at the front, bumping into my 40/50plus old bosses from Channel 7, singing along “Hang on…help is on it’s way..”

Finishing my night doing Jagerbombs with Jonathan Brown and Peter Hellier (Stauchnie), The September Club is a fantastic, well organised, stylised event for each Grand Final (and not just saying that because ESP run the thing). Here’s hoping I can score an invite next year 😉


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