Soho House – 4th of July Independance Day Disco

Soho House is a private club, with locations in London (the original), NYC, Miami, LA and Berlin.  For a few thousand dollars each year, people can join (with at least two other members recommendation’s) and have access to fancy hotel rooms, a rooftop bar with pool, a screening room showing latest release movies, pool hall and a swanky restaurant amongst other amenities.  Soho House New York ( ) has been around since 2003, and has gained quite a reputation as the place to be.  

It was made infinitely more famous when Sex and the City shot an episode here  (see the ladies lounging left in Season 6, Episode 10 “Boy Interrupted”) depicting fabulous PR maven Samantha faking her way in, to escape the city heat by the pool..only to be thrown out when her fake English accent wasn’t up to par.

Originally founded as a place for ‘artistic’ types to congregate in a relaxed atmosphere, it definitely has an air of pretence about it.  Though apparently it is trying to get back to its roots by kicking out a number of members, and introducing a ‘no suit policy’.  The letters to no-longer needed members included the words “Based upon the Club’s current requirements, Soho House will not be renewing your membership”.  It seems anyone too corporate was removed from the list! The club now has 4,500 members, with 3,000 people on the waiting list.

To fit the bill of the private club, there is absolutely no photos to be taken in the club to protect the privacy of its guests.  To be fair to them, they do pull some guests who would be photo targets, such as Jay-Z and Beyonce who were there the night before my 30th Birthday Dinner.  

And while it IS normally true that Soho House has a no photo policy, on July 4th for their Independence Day Disco Party they allowed people to take photos for some reason…there are hundreds on Facebook. Everyone was blatantly taking pictures…including myself, when a sublimely buffed Cristiano Ronaldo found himself chilling out post World Cup  (see me chatting to him in the pool, right).

You can read more of his visit in my Guest of a Guest post

As for the party – it was awesome! The fab DJ played disco tracks all night long, and when the roller skate disco dress-up trio were brought out, it was pool mayhem for all. Everyone was dancing and dunking in the pool, with plenty of beach balls and Soho House signature Strawberry Lemonades being passed around.

I’d never seen anything like it at Soho House, nor had so much fun there!


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