Tommy Hilfiger Launches Support Of Millennium Promise To Eradicate Extreme Poverty

Tommy Hilfiger helped launched the Millennium Promise Initiative at a private residence at Fifteen Central Park West on Wednesday 23 June, 2010.

Tommy announced his companies support of Millennium Promise – the leading non-profit organization solely committed to halving extreme poverty by 2015 – at a stylish breakfast catering  to a small carefully selected contingent of fashion/lifestyle media flown in from across the world, including WWD, Panorama (Italy), Vogue, Marie Claire, Grazia (U.K), Caras (Brazil) and Bunte (Germany).

The five-year campaign, which will see the Tommy Hilfiger Foundation commit at least $2 million to help build sustainable communities in sub-Saharan Africa, is the first global charity project that Tommy Hilfiger has been involved with. The project will engage all Tommy Hilfiger employees worldwide, who will also be offered the opportunity to travel to the village of Ruhiira to contribute directly to the cause.

Tommy (and Ludo Onnink, company COO) have only just recently returned from a visit to Ruhiira – a rural community of 55,000 people in Uganda – themselves, where Tommy said:

“I’ve never seen extreme poverty like that in my life. It has a trip that has enticed me to become more engaged”.

As part of the morning, a video showing his visit was shown to the visiting media and he conducted one-on-one interviews, in preparation for his speech he gave in front of 1,000 CEO’s at the United Nations on Friday 25 June, 2010.

Perhaps seeing how the other half live, Tommy has decided to cut back on his own spending, as he arrived in suit which was noticeably short in the legs, wearing leather loafers sans socks.


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