Sex and the City NYC Locations

Forget the NYC tour – let me show you the best Sex and the City landmarks in the City.


  • Chrysler Building – 405 Lexington Ave, NYC – as shown prominently in the opening credits.
  • Brooklyn Bridge – also shown prominently in the opening credits, as well as the reunion scene between Miranda and Steve in the first Sex and the City Movie.
  • Carrie Bradshaw’s stoop – 66 Perry St, West Village, NYC.
  • Magnolia Bakery – 401 Bleecker St, West Village, NYC.                                                                                                          Ep. 35 “No If’s, And’s or But’s”. A quaint bakery in the West Village where Carrie told Miranda about her crush on Aidan. The pink frosted chocolate cupcakes are now named “Carrie”.
  • Tortilla Flats – 767 Washington St, West Village, NYC.
    Ep. 54 “Baby, Talk Is Cheap”. For her ice-breaking get-together with Aidan, Carrie (along with Miranda and Steve) tries to relax with the help of the margaritas at this happy Mexican party spot in the West Village.
  • Pastis – 9 9th Ave, MeatPacking District, NYC.
    Ep. 49 “The Agony and the Ex-Tacy”. Carrie complains about missing a reservation at this MePa bistro.
    Ep. 91 “The Cold War”. Carrie dines in with her Russian.
  • The Plaza – Fifth Ave at Central Park West, Midtown, NYC.
    Ep 19 “The Chicken Dance”. Carrie gives a reading at Miranda’s decoraters wedding.
    Ep 30 “Ex and the City” Carrie sees Big leaving his engagement to Natasha…and starts sprouting some Way We Were lines.
    Sex and the City 2 – 80’s flashback scene (i.e. one of the few good scenes in the movie).
  • Buddakan – 75 9th Ave, Chelsea,NYC. Sex and the City Movie.
    Scene of Carrie and Mr Big’s famous rehearsal dinner.
  • Soho House – 29 9th Ave, MeatPacking District, NYC.
    Ep. 84 “Boy, Interrupted” Samantha trys to escape the heat by stealing a membership card to this members-only club. The fake Annabell Bronstein then gets herself and the other girls kicked out after displaying a very bad English accent.
  • New York Stock Exchange – Wall St, Financial District, NYC. 
    Ep. 75 “To Market, To Market”
  • Yankee Stadium – 1 East 161st St, Bronx, NYC.
    Ep. 13 “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” Carrie meets her rebound guy “the new Yankee” after catching a fly-ball in her post-breakup beer buzz.
  • Staten Island Ferry
    Ep 31 “Where There’s Smoke” The girls go to a FDNY benefit on Staten Island, where Carrie meets her peeing politician and Charlotte gets drunk, declaring this will be the year she gets married.
  • Pravda Bar – 281 Lafayette St, Noho, NYC.
  • Madison Square Park – Flatiron District, NYC
    Ep. 30 “Ex and the City” Samantha tells Carrie she is ‘goldicocks’.
    Ep. 72 “Critical Condition” Carries runs into Nina Katz -the face girl and her friend Heather Graham.
    Ep 91 “The Cold War” Elizabeth Taylor gets gang-banged in the park.
  • SEA Restaurant – 114 North 6th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC.
    the restaurant was used as the setting for “Raw Restaurant” where Jerrord Smith worked.
    Ep. 76 “Great Sexpectations” Samantha goes to the cold-food restaurant and waits out a bevy of women to take home hot waiter Jerry Jerrod (Smith).
  • Columbus Circle
    Ep. 63 “Change of a Dress” Carrie and Aidan realize it’s not going to work once and for all at this picturesque fountain, when she wont marry him, despite her perfect white gown.
  • Starbucks – 13-25 Astor Place, East Village, NYC. As featured in the first Sex and the City movie where Carrie interviews potential assistants, including Jennifer Hudson in a completely unnecessary role.
  • St. Marks Comics – 11 St Marks Place, East Village, NYC
    Ep. 45 “Hot Child In The City”. This is where Carrie meets comic book store owner/live with his parents Wade.
  • Il Cantinori – 32 East 10th St, Greenwich Village, NYC
    Ep 49 “The Agony and the Ex-Tacy” For Carrie’s 35th birthday dinner, Samantha plans a very fabulous-lite party at Il Cantinori. But, no one turns up and Carrie goes home alone.
  • O’Nieal’s Speakeasy – 174 Grand St, Little Italy, NYC                                                                                                              Ep. 53 “Ghost Town” This is the setting for Aiden and Steve’s new bar “Scout”                                                                             Ep. 55 “Time and Punishment” in which Carrie shows up at Scout only to discover Aidan flirting with a skanky bartender named Shana.
  • The Central Boathouse Cafe – East 72nd Street and Park Drive North, Central Park, NYC.                                                       Ep. 48 “Cock-A-Doodle-Do”  Carrie meets Big for the first time since his marriage ended, and trying to avoid kissing him (as that’s where the trouble starts) they both end up falling in the lake.  The Boathouse is also the spot where Sally lunched with her friends, one of whom was Carrie Fisher, at the beginning of the 1989 romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally.  

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