Guest of a Guest Party

Internet Week is a week-long festival of events celebrating New York’s thriving internet industry and community. With a multitude of events to get through the week decided to host the antithesis of this, by throwing a “Non-Internet Week Party” at newly re-opened The Jane Ballroom.

Being an online portal detailing the people, places and parties in NYC, obviously this was a tongue-in-cheek excuse to throw a party, and certainly capitalised on Internet week, with a variety of wheelers and dealers in the Internet industry, who came to eat (many thanks to the Fatty Crew for an amazing spread of food) and drink (smoked tequilla and green Chartreuse anyone?) said it best themselves, when stating:

There was networking at The Guest of a Guest/ party, to be sure; hands were shaken, business cards exchanged, start-up ideas lauded. But mostly there was hanging out, eating good food, and taking a break from talking business.

Todd Richman led a group of brave souls in a record-breaking round of “pass the fire” at the bar, while others relaxed with wine on the couches. The biggest crowd of the evening was always centered around the food bar, where people went back once, twice, three times for Fatty Dogs (myself, I couldn’t get enough of the pork belly tea sandwiches) and strawberries with chili salt.

Guest of a Guest mascot, Stanley, the adorable bulldog pup, even came out to partake in the festivities for the evening. Being the people pleasing dog that he is, he was a massive hit and conversation-starter, and was surely lapping up the attention!


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