Royal Pains 2nd Season Premiere

Firstly, let me give a big apologies for the almost 2 month absence on my behalf….that is, should there be anyone still reading my posts?!

I have taken on a freelance writing gig at one of my favourite sites which primarily involves writing blog pieces like the one to follow – so needless to say, with 7 hours a day of writing blogs, I haven’t felt particularly inspired to post any on my own site.

I will share some writing pieces later, but in the meantime, on Tuesday 1 June, 2010, USA Network, Vanity Fair and Lacoste  threw a joint party to celebrate the Second Season of Royal Pains at the flagship Lacoste store on 5th Ave, NYC.

All of the cast members were there, as vodka gimlets, sparkling water, champagne and hor d’oeuvres were served up to the packed two-story space. 

Royal Pains follows the Hampton’s newest doctor-on demand, Hank Lawson. After Hank, a young doctor on the fast track to success, falls from grace when he is blamed for the death of a hospital trustee, he inadvertently stumbles into the world of private medical service for the elite denizens of the Hampton’s. With the encouragement of his younger brother and an ambitious young women who volunteers to be his assistant, Hank reluctantly agrees to be a “Concierge Doctor” for the summer.

Mark Feuerstein and Paulo Costanzo who play the brothers both attended the Hamptons-esque soiree,  alongside new cast member,  Henry “The Fonz” Winkler.  

All the cast members were decked out in Lacoste, which is a very fitting partnership for a show set in the Hamptons – the home of the rich, preppy and those with their own tennis courts!

For more on the event, please see my event coverage on Guest of a Guest

Season 2 begins on June 3 on the US Network.


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