Cure Thrift Shop VIP Event

On Friday 26 March, 2010, charity vintage store Cure Thrift Shop held a VIP party heralding their spring finds.

All of the proceeds from the event were donated to the Diabetes Research Institute, an organisation dear to my heart, having had a close school girl friend of mine die weeks after exams from a diabetic coma (she was only 17 at the time) .

There were tons of guests, including  surprise celebrity guest NSYNC’s Lance Bass, who came out to sip some super stong absinthe cocktails, eat an abundance of American style pastries and shop a well-chosen collection of vintage furniture and clothing.

I was surprised by the amount of designer dregs on sale and at what a bargain too! Luckily I had convinced my girlfriend it would be best for us to come early, in order to snare the prime pieces, and I managed to bag this beautiful eggplant silk dress from Rebecca Taylor (that also fit like a glove), for only $40!

Apparently Cure Thrift is a well-known store in the East Village, and being only a couple of streets away from my apartment, I will definitely be visiting here again!

N.B- Photos ‘stolen’ from Eric Strauss who took them on the night. For once I did not have the energy (I saved it for browsing) to take out my camera


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