Clash of the Titans Premiere @ Graubman’s Chinese Theatre

With thanks to NY Post and Warner Bros I was invited to attend the Hollywood premiere of “Clash of the Titans” at THE Hollywood cinema du-jour for over 50 years, Graubman’s Chinese Theatre, on Wednesday 31 March, 2010.

With new Hollywood “it” boy and fellow Australian, Sam Worthington headlining the new blockbuster, there was no way I was missing out.

Donning my new BCBG dress and Jimmy Choo shoes I’ve never worn, my friend Brad an I exchanged our too-cool-for-school NY-ness for name-dropping at every opportunity L.A.

It was a great experience watching a film within the hollowed confines of a true Hollywood cinema, one that has literally seen it all and even greater being able to bond (albeit it briefly) with da man Sam about how great us Aussies are (and he is a  fair dinkum, Crocodile Dundee, I-would-deny-they-actually-existed-if-I-hadn’t-of-met-him, dead set Aussie).

The after party was held at our hotel, another well established Hollywood landmark – the Hollywood Roosevelt, otherwise known as the place were the Academy Awards first held their annual awards in 1929 and more recently were Lindsay Lohen would get into screaming matches with on-off girlfriend and resident DJ (at the hotel’s Teddy’s) Sam Ronson.

As for the verdict on the film, I was never privy to the cult original back in the 80’s, so maybe I am unable to judge this one. A basic Greek myth storyline with Transformer type fight sequences, it tells the tale of the little people waging wars against the Gods, with evil God of the underworld Hades obtaining big brother, good God-God-of-the-Gods Zeus permission to wage war on Earth- when really he is seeking to upthrown his big bro. The only man to save the day is son of Zeus and a mere mortal- Perseus. Perseus is demigod, but he wants to be all man and is annoyed with his powers (all very Star Wars-esque). What will he do?  I’m sure the rest is pretty self-explanatory. 

As for the hyped 3D (yes, another film released this year with the new fandangled wizardry) I did feel like the effect was tacked on at last-minute to bump up appeal and ticket prices and in fairness the only time the 3D was enjoyable, let alone even effective, was in the burst out credits at the end.

As much as hate to pick at a performance from a fellow Aussie (and a hot one at that) I found the whole Greek demigod with super okker accent a bit tough to swallow. Also of a distasteful nature was the romantic embers lit between demigod Perseus and his guardian from birth Io. Isn’t that kinda incestuous, her being a pseudo step-mum and all…then again, it is all about Greek gods and myths…incestuous stories abound I guess.

While for me it was a mildly entertaining blockbuster- the kind that it is enjoyable at the time, but then instantly forgettable, there is one scene that saves it from complete mediocrity= the fight scene against super size scorpions. If only the rest of the movie could have been this edge of your seat good!


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