Oscar Party @ Mia Dona

 One of my must-watches (I am a movie buff after all) is the Annual Academy Awards which are usually shown delayed on Monday nights in Australia (after most of the top awards have already been announced on news cycles), so I was excited that now being in NYC that not only was I able to watch live, but that people generally get into the Oscars spirit and there is bashes held all over town. 

I choose to attend the Oscar party at Mia Dona on Sunday 7 March, 2010. This Upper East Side modern Roman style trattoria had a deal for $25, which included two cocktails (including the blue Avatar), as well as a tasting menu that included meatballs (which were incredibly tasty) , mini panzarotti, mini white-bean bruschetta, and panna cotta with caramel sauce. Popcorn with “edible Oscar-gold dust” was also in non-stop supply. 

As dining in this restaurant would normally set you back at least double the price, thought it would be a good way to give the restaurant a trial. Must admit that we were pleasantly surprised when the food kept coming out and was never in short supply. Adding to that, for those that managed to hang around for the top acting gongs at around 11.30pm, the Mia Dona team bought out some additional lovely light prosecco for customers to enjoy on the house. 

It was a pity then, with all the hearty food and drink that there was only one TV screen to view the award show, which was made difficult to hear until most of the crowd dispersed – as like most viewers, bored waiting for awards they knew about (not sound mixing etc.). 

 As for the big award recipients, I was incredibly glad to see Christoph Waltz’s win for Inglorious Basterds. He was masterful in the role of a charming yet scarily sadistic Nazi. I also give kudos to Best Actress winner Sandra Bullock;
she really WAS good in The Blind Side. I have always been a fan of her though as she is always so self-deprecating, in fact, I have never seen an interview were she is not taking the mickey out of herself, which is rare in an actress. Being Australian we love anyone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. 

Speaking of Australian’s, great seeing Sam Worthington on the red carpet – even if he had the most horrendous performance in Avatar (so glad that didn’t win Best Picture) – he is true Aussie ‘bloke’ as can be witnessed with his interview with Ryan Seacreast…”putting on the monkey suit mate”. 

Final word is on the second show that forms the whole Oscar spectacle, the Red Carpet! There seemed to be a severe lacking of star power this year and those who were in attendance in general put on quite a boring show with regard to attire. 

Nicole Ritchie for me was best dressed. I loved the uber-sexy retro beaded, backless Reem Acra gown with long sleeves that dipped gorgeously at the back revealing her tattoos. I am not a fan of tattoos, but this dress showed them off in a very sexy, dangerous way. Capped off with smoky feline eyes and a high bun, the look had all the hallmarks of Bianca Jagger in Halston at Studio 54. 

Best actress Sandy did a commendable job for her lovely gold and silver metallic Marchesa gown. I love the intricate sleeve detail and it showed off a well oiled body – plus the colour worked a treat with the actual statuette she got to take home. But I was let down by the flat boring hair. 

I also really loved eternal fashionista Carrie, um, oops, Sarah Jessica Parker and her pale yellow Chanel Haute Couture gown with silver embroidery at the neckline, dramatic retro bun and Fred Leighton jewels. At first I was a little unsure and I still think maybe not right outfit for the Oscars, plus it seems a bit too big on her willowy body…but there is just something about it that keeps drawing me back in and loving it. 

As for worst dressed, it pains me to say one of my girl crushes and all-time favourites, Charlize Theron takes the award hands-down. 

Her dress would be okay aside from the cinnamon bun swirls on her breasts. I mean really?! what was she thinking?? I’m all for a bit of sexy at the Oscars but to draw attention to your breasts like s burlesque stripper makes for a very confusing choice on this one. 

Mia Dona 206 East 58th Street, NYC 10022


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