Cleverly Clothed – Fashion Industry Cocktail Reception @ Ella

Cleverly Clothed is an elegant NYC event series for those who like to dress up. Cocktail attire is required and gifts from innovative boutiques, fashion designers, jewelers and custom tailors are given out at each event to the best dressed man and woman. Each event takes place in a sophisticated venue and approximately 200 guests attend.

I was invited to the last event held at speakeasy jazz club (think lots of glass, twinkling candle light, old movie posters and feathers) venue Ella on Avenue A. The event was originally scheduled for February 26 (when I was in Sydney) but luckily for me, due to the 4th worst storm in NYC history it was moved to Friday 5 March, 2010.

Swanky attired men and females crammed the small hot-spot sipping German designer beers and Ella cocktail creations while no doubt flashing around fashion publicist and record producer business cards.

I went with a friend Nick and we found the crowd too enthralled in their own groups that we did not stay long, however, I can see potential for these events in future, with some added mingling and introductions.

I was invited to the event by the elitist facebook by invite only site A Small World and think this site is a great forum for getting the correct movers and shakers to any event in NYC.

Only issue with these events- the men are waaayyy more dressed up and fashionable than the ladies that they could waltz into Jay Gatsby’s garden parties on a whim. It is intimating yet also fabulous to see darlink!


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