Walter 2010 Fall NYC Fashion Show – featuring DANNIJO

Back from a long absence, I have finally resurfaced in my new home in New York City. However, now in self-imposed exile due to a) now being ‘funemployed’, b) knowing less people to go out with and c) having been here for a millisecond so not on any invite lists… I have had no exciting events to share on my blog.

All that changed when I was lucky enough to win tickets to a NYC Fall Fashion show, thanks to one of my daily read websites “Guest of a Guest”.

With snow falling heavily outside I was unsure what people wore to such an event, but nonetheless dragged myself out to no-mans land between 10th and 11th Ave near Penn Station to watch the Walter 2010 Fall Fashion Show on Tuesday 16 February, 2010. With a packed crowd, including some ‘Real Housewives of New York’ it seems weather is no deterent for the fashion-going public in NYC.

Walter designs were simple wearable creations with a slant on military aesthetics (very in right now darling). The real highlight however, was the sparkly silver jewellery that accompanied the show, all from DANNIJO, a heavy celeb favorite.

Australia’s own Napoleon Perdis also was make-up artist for the models of the show, using a heavy palate of blue eyeshadow, as the only pop of colour in the predominantly grey and black show. I had a chance to meet the “wog boy made make-up guru” after the stage and he seemed pleased to hear another Aussie accent in the crowd.


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