Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza

Winter/Fall Hong Kong Fashion Week was launched with a fashion extravaganza showcasing four of the more prominent designers in Asia on Monday 18 January, 2010.

Hong Kong world-renowned Dorian Ho opened the show with his beautiful silk, satin and beaded evening gown creations. His show evoked a trip down the Silk Road, with Indian and Persian influences and rich fuchsia and garnet featured prominently. Simply gorgeous gowns! (Ho also contributed charm bracelets for the goody-bags alongside a plethora of Shiseido cosmetics)

Frankie Xie, the first-ever mainland (China) fashion designer to to have a presence at Paris Fashion Week and edgy Japanese designer Toshikazu Iwaya followed, with their impeccably styled shows. I was quietly impressed with the standard of shows, which was up with more popular global fashion shows. Finally it appears Asian designers are catching on to the idea that the show is a whole other entity separate from the actual clothes.

No one did this better than Iwaya with his MTV inspired show. With edgy-(i.e. not something I would wear) clothing, disco Beethoven and Lady Gaga soundtrack and futuristic Alice in Wonderland garb, I found this show the most entertaining of the night.

Haute Couture designer Guo Pei closed out the show, with her teetering high heels constricting model movement. It made for an interesting show, however, the gimmick started to lose steam when it took 10 mins to complete one runway rotation. I also felt the high heels were a direct throw-back to Vivienne Westwood and her heels that infamously brought Naomi Campbell to her knees (literally). However, the fact one could spend longer admiring her intricate beading and magnificent hand-made creations was perhaps the point.


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