Opening of an envelope

Named after a tree common to this region of Asia, Kapok is a little oasis in the middle of urban Hong Kong. Kapok on Sun Street in the back streets of Wan Chai (the hip part, not the sleazy stripper part) had its grand opening party on 14 January 2010, with their store and cafe opening jointly organised with Whitespace Design Studio for the launch of a new stationery line “Greyscale”. 

As I left for the party, a friend remarked I really do go to the ‘opening of an envelope’! I am obsessed with stationary and turns out there is a multitude of urban hipsters who do too, as the place was jumping! Sipping on Vitamin Water and vodkas and noshing on mini cupcakes, the little street was crammed with downtown-type hipsters (if Hong Kong had a downtown that is) browsing the carefully selected items in the store. Kapok’s French founder Arnault Castell wanted to have a place that showcases his treasures from frequent shopping trips abroad and his selection of home ware, candles, skin care, music, books and stationery show a very keen eye for all the pretty things in the world.

I am especially a fan of  anything Letterpress and love the “will you be my Bridesmaid” notecards (if only I had a wedding to plan…sigh). I also love the Maptote cotton environmental shopping bags from the US, which apparently Kapok is helping to design a new Hong Kong style.


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