New Year, New York, New Nest

Even though I still haven’t technically seen my new apartment in East Village, NYC…I have been busily buying things on the internet and preparing how I will decorate my new pad (my flatmate Evan is a typical boy…so no, he won’t get a say in it).

I was lucky enough to have some items shipped over, thanks to my flatmates company relocation, including my large vintage chaise lounge in orange (scored this one for free off Asia Expat). I am more of a black and white type decorator, so this will be fun having such a large colourful item prominent in the living room.

Some more of my wonderful finds include:

  • Ikea Expedit TV Unit retails for $229, bought off Craigslist $100

This is the perfect unit for me, as an entertainment system has to take centre stage for any apartment I live in (as well my flatmate Evan who is equally as much of a movie, tv and sports fan as myself). Adding to that, no matter where I am I end up collecting a vast array of books and magazines, so I need book-case slots a plenty, which this system has! With such small spaces in NY, I am hoping this unit will serve it’d double duty well.

Of course with the lovely box design, there is also space to display some lovely trinkets, such as:

  • Iitala Kivi red tea light holders (flying the Finnish flag, as this is one of their cult design brands) $15 each from Just Scandinavia in Tribeca
  • Red 70’s Ericophone purchased at Aluminium in Hong Kong for $HK500
  • Kate Moss: Style by Angela Buttolph coffee table book $23 on Amazon
  • Essendon Bombers scarf, had since I was 12 (Australian AFL team)

As for the rest of the room, keeping it simple and mainly black to offset the orange couch.

  • Ikea Faborg 100% wool low-pile rug in black, retails $199, bought off Craigslist $100
  • Ikea Lycksele Havet sofa bed chair, with black corduroy cover. This little gem was incredibly useful in Hong Kong and I’m sure in NYC there will be even more need for it. It’s a very comfy chair, but then when out-of-town guests arrive, it transforms into a fold out single bed. Very convenient in no-space apartments of Hong Kong and New York! Retails for $269
  • Campari vintage ad poster, $10 on
  • Houston and Hudson Subway Terminal poster framed, $70 on
  • Michael Kors Astor Tokyo decorative pillows, $34 on reduced from $190

Kitchen is tiny (even by NY standards) so not much I can do here. Luckily it is outfitted with nice black fridge, oven and microwave. I have only added:

  • Dala horse mugs in Orange $6 each from Out of Scandinavia Ebay store
  • Ikea serving platter, 3 tiers. $15. This will be perfect for serving up desserts, which I am prone to do
  • Dabney Lee at Home recipe box with monogrammed and lined recipe cards. Ordered the “Damask Moderne” print with “Nolita” name plate in Tangerine. $80 online. Not the cheapest buy, but I love all of Dabney Lee’s things and I am obsessed with recipe boxes, so this was a small treat
  • Retro black and white cat salt and pepper shakers. Bought in Hong Kong urban hipster furniture store G.O.D


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