Insomnia, girl crushes and the curse of Ebay

For the past few weeks I have been waking up at 3am unable to sleep. With my impending move to NYC (yay!) I have discovered a very dangerous distraction to while away the midnight hours…Ebay!

Of course I was always an Ebay fan back in Australia, but there is so much more available to buy in the US and the designer prices are rock bottom. I need to ween myself off this site, now that I am able to buy without any additional exorbitant shipping costs.

Tonight alone I have managed to buy my favourite Seven For All Mankind jeans (trying the wide leg for a change), a Seven For All Mankind tulle dress black and sparkly (to go with my other 20 or so black sparkly dresses) and two BCBG Max Azaria dresses at $50 each.

While feeling guilty, I noticed that one of the BCBG Max Azaria dresses is the exact style and colour that one of my girl crushes Ivanka Trump wore to the Whitney Art Party last year. Instant justification for the purchase! I love Ivanka…having watched every episode of The Apprentice since the beginning, I love the way she carries herself and she does come across as incredibly intelligent and articulate. Of course there is much to be said for scripted TV and being able to do multiple takes, however, she still retains top spot on my girl crush table.

Rounding out the top 3 girl style crushes (i.e. I wanna be like her mummy!!) are Kate Moss and the character Amanda on Ugly Betty.

Some classic Amanda quotes:

Amanda: (to Mark about Troy) He is imprinted on you like a gay duckling. If you don’t wean him off you slowly, he’ll die.

Amanda: (re: Claire’s whereabouts) How would I know what she was doing in South Dakota? I don’t even know where that country is.

Betty: I am not a gold digger, I don’t care about Matt’s money
Amanda: …and cut, print, Oscar! Don’t change a word, you nailed it.

Amanda: I was conceived in studio 54, I knew there was glamor in my genes.

Amanda: I’ll miss you Betty: You’ll see me at work Amanda: Yeah, but I probably won’t be as nice.

Amanda: Friends don’t let friends wear glitter before noon.

Amanda: She’s so pretty, but not pretty enough for me to be threatened by.

Amanda: Can you believe he’s asking Betty for dating advice… that’s like asking Britney Spears for parenting advice.

Amanda [to Betty]: Have you been smoking one of your ponchos?


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