Sex and the City 2!

Yes, like ever other girl I am beyond excited about the new Sex and the City movie coming out in May. More so, because I will finally be living in NYC – as I have always dreamt about! With the new trailer out, using “Empire State of Mind” got me so excited about my impending move.

When the original SATC movie came out I had just moved to Hong Kong from Melbourne and it made me miss my girlfriends a lot. I still organized to view the movie on opening night with my new found friends and made sure to incorporate SATC staples, such as Cosmopolitans and cupcakes! Here is hoping I will get the chance to organize something like this again with some hopefully new found girlfriends in NYC!

N.B I hope the second movie is better than the first, which was more flimsy copies of the original series characters…but regardless, it’s better having them on-screen than not! By looks of trailer there may be more focus of fashion rather than relationships…and not sure I like the poster with only Carrie and not the other four.

Click here to see the trailer:


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