What a come back from the Aussies to win the 2nd Test against Pakistan at the S.C.G today! I mean the Aussies first innings was all out for 123 and Pakistan made 333 in their subsequent first innings – how did we come back from that?!?

Mike ‘Mr. Cricket’ Hussey’s unbeaten 134 n.o in the second innings, that’s how! Combining with Siddle’s 38 run stand, the pair’s partnership beat the 83-run stand between Bob Massie and John Watkins for Australia’s ninth wicket against Pakistan in Sydney 37 years ago.

Now for blatant name drop time (hey, it is a sub-heading in my blog) Huss was the cricketer I became closest with at my time working for Cricket Australia. A fantastic, genuine down-to-earth guy who had to tough it out in State cricket for over a decade until he got his national spot. He truly appreciates the fantastic opportunity he has been given to represent his country. I am so pleased to see his poor form from last years Ashes turn around.

Huss ” The strawberry daiquiri’s are on me mate!”

P.S. Am very homesick right now missing Aussie summers with the cricket on in the background when at work. In homage to this, please see photos with my favourite cricketers of all time – and because I’m in a patriotic mood, I’ve also thrown in ex. Rugby Union World Cup winning captain John Eales a.k.a “Nobody” because “Nobody’s Perfect”!


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