ABC – adidas Brand Champions!

One of my favourite brands (someone, please get me a PR job there!) did it again when they launched their 2010 FIFA World Cup ball just hours before the group draw in South Africa. Great way to connect with the first big pre-World Cup event in South Africa. 

I am always a fan of the ultra big stunts, as demonstrated with my previous work with (no surprise…) adidas and their Barricade shoe launch. In this instance, adidas exhibited giant models of each of the adidas balls used in every World Cup since 1970, just outside the auditorium where the draw was taking place.

While the exhibit was started a few weeks prior to the actual draw, black sheets covered the new ball to be used in 2010, building anticipation for the unveiling just prior to the group draw.

Now only two things remain: 1) Australia staging a remarkable win against Germany in their opening group match and 2) me being offered an in-house PR role for a company that executes their brand as well as adidas (adidas HR people..hint hint!)

N.B – Added in one of my favourite adidas pics (during their 60th anniversary campaign) of David Beckham and Kevin Garnett (it’s still World Cup related…but also a Celtics fan!)


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