I Carusi

I must be hungry, as just having written my second favourite restaurant instalment I started having cravings for my absolute favourite restaurant of all time! Located in my home town Melbourne, Australia, it has been over a year since I have dined here and I can not wait to be eating at I Carusi again. Italian for ‘the kids’ this unassuming pizza shop in the middle of nowhere serves the best gourmet pizza I have ever had in my life!

The decor is white minimalist chic with white linen and old-style wooden chairs crammed into the small space. Art deco framed posters on the wall and hanging cheeses and salami’s showcase a busy wood fire oven viewable to all the patrons who are jostling for seating and others who come in for take-away. 

The service is gruff at best, in fact I would liken it to Soup Nazi territory, i.e. don’t come expecting to change any items on the menu. Trust me though, there is no need for alterations, these pizzas are out of this world! I always order the Pizza American Nova, which is tomato, mozzarella, pesto and salami. However, I also whole heartedly recommend the quirky titled Pizza for a Friend. I have never been a pumpkin fan, but this pizza with pumpkin, mozzarella, pine nuts, rocket and goats cheese is sublime. Only the best goats cheese is used…and you can tell…the texture is amazing!

Make sure to leave room for a dessert pizza. The same thin pizza base is used, but is then covered with melted Belgian chocolate and strawberries, it is rich, delicious and extremely decadent (the ice-cream is needed to lighten the dish somewhat). Others swear by the white chocolate and peach variety, but I find this a little to icky sweet.

I have never had a bad dish at either of the two I Carusi restaurants, but be prepared to book in advance, BYO (at least at the Brunswick branch), be elbow to elbow with other diners (or ‘Kids’), pay cash only and not be waited on hand and foot, but, hey, it all part of the charm of why this is hands down my favourite restaurant of all time!

I Carusi (the original)

46A Holmes St, Brunswick East

Victoria 3057, Australia

+61 (03) 9386 5522‎

I Carusi II

231 Barkly Street, St.Kilda

Victoria 3182, Australia

+61 (03) 9593 6033




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