Yes, I am a massive movie buff/fan. Yes, I am also a movie publicist’s dream, as I am always there opening weekend (before bad word-of-mouth spreads) and any kind of movie ‘event’ or gimmick I am there!

Take Avatar, all the boys I knew were dying to see this, as James Cameron back to filming aliens. Myself, I am not much of a Cameron fan…but first full length movie in 3D and we get to wear the funny glasses? I am in!

Well the opening scene in Avatar is spectacular with Aussie Sam Worthington awaking in his zero gravity pod and a droplets of water floating past. Brilliant! Also the glowing effect on Pandora was visually fantastic. As for the rest, well, hmmm.

Yes Cameron didn’t rely on the whole 3D effect throughout the movie, so kudos to that. But also seems like when they were getting ready for the technology to be ready for this film they forgot certain aspects…like, um..storylines and acting and dialogue (some of the most wooden performances and hilariously bad dialogue in past few years).

Cameron: “Hey I am about to shoot in 6mins…we forgot to name this expensive rock stuff…some one give me a name?’

Crew Member: “Well it’s a reference to plutonium yeah?”

Cameron: “Yes, but it unattainable, hence why they have to go to Pandora to drill for it.”

 Crew Member: “Well put Unattainable and Plutonium together, what about Unobtainium?

 Cameron: “Brilliant, let’s shoot!”


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