Chilli Fagara

 Thought it might be time to start giving my own shout out’s to some favorite restaurant’s out there! Hey, if anyone reads my blog- just call it some free publicity! That fit’s into my blog’s theme enough.

So first installment – Chilli Fagara. My favorite restaurant in Hong Kong!

Why do I love Chilli Fagara?

Chilli Fagara, is the best spicy hit in town! The intimate restaurant (only seats 25) with red décor feels like an authentic Sichuan experience in some one’s home.

If after chilli dishes to knock your socks off, but not your taste buds, then this is the place. Being a spicy fiend myself, I love how, even being off the Richter scale in heat levels all the flavors of the fantastic food shine through. I often dream about their ginger beef dish that I end up waking up drooling.

 51A Graham St, Soho, Hong Kong

+852 2893 3330


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