Bag Lady

I am an absolute bag fiend (like most full-blooded females I know) with my bag collection having stretched into the triple figures for the past decade. It has only been since moving to Hong Kong, that my taste has developed from quantity to quality.

So to add to my Longchamp Le Pliage’s, my priceless vintage Dior (older than me and present from my Mother), Kate Spade Little Compton clutch, Cole Haan Genevieve clutch and Jimmy Choo Mandah hobo bag…my handbag collection is looking complete (at least for a year!).

The YSL Muse ticks all the boxes of a bona-fide ‘it’ bag – and finally a perfect bag for work. It has been spotted slung over the shoulder of Naomi Watts, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, La Lohan and my quintessential fashion women de jour, Kate Moss. It costs over US$1,200, which is severely out of my price range.  However, as luck would have it, some socialite tai-tai types from Hong Kong were doing their bit for charity and donating their designer handbags for auction last week. I guess the Muse is “soooo 2007 dahling” so no need for this out-of-date bag.  (2 years is a lifetime in designer “It” bags)

So for only $200, I won the bid on an Olive work classic. With it’s roomy oval design, double zip and big straps it is perfectly proportioned and gives the wearer instant class and it is still popular despite competition from the newly launched, Muse II.

Now if only someone could purchase me a Longchamp Gatsby bag. You know the black one, with the visible purple pockets…sigh…


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