Posto Pubblico Opening

Posto Pubblico aims to serve New York-Italian food with local ‘clean’ ingredients to reduce carbon footprint and while it is predominantly Italian fare, the design of the place is a direct copy of New York French bistro name-stays Balthazar and Pastis. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Hong Kong is in dire need for these types of eateries and the large expansive ceilings are a design concept not usually associated with Elgin Street, Soho.

Posto held their opening on Wednesday 9 December, 2009 with mini-servings of their hit and miss food, such as meatballs (miss), margherita pizza (hit) and lemon dessert (hit) alongside Italian wines and Prosecco. With the smell of pasta wafting through the streets, the spacious venue was quickly bustling as passer-bys wanted to get a glimpse at the new venue with its exposed brick walls, high ceilings, gothic chandeliers, chocolate leather banquettes and wooden bistro tables.


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