DFS “Galleria de Beaute” Cocktail Party


The Dim Sum girls by far out-did themselves at their best event yet…the DFS “Galleria de Beaute” Cocktail Party held on Friday 4 December, 2009 to celebrate the grand opening of the Beauty World at DFS Galleria Sun Plaza in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. 

Invites were sent with a surprise theme to be unveiled on the night. To my delight, the theme ended up being “Alice in Wonderland” my absolute favourite when I was a child, and still a party theme I would like to use one day. There was a big long tunnel as you entered, giving you the feeling you were entering the ‘rabbit hole’ and there was an absolute feast of girly delights waiting on the other side! 

Masses of make-up, Moet, massages and make-over’s! Upon entering everyone was given a DFS bag and a card that allowed five goodies from five different beauty counters. Essentially, it was a treasure hunt for freebie goodies – and what goodies they were!  Unbelievable giveaways included full-size Guerlain powder, Lancome mascaras (yes, plural), Estee Lauder gift bag, Shu Uemura Polaroid’s, Clinique lollipops, Clarins skincare packs, Biotherm roses, Lancome roses…the list goes on! 

In keeping with the Alice in Wonderland theme, there were musical performances, including Mad-Hatter/Deliverance violin players, Queen of Hearts flamingo dancers and beauty counters also employed their own entertainment. Some notable counters included both La Mer and Estee Lauder giving out free hand massages, Clinique awash in orange and white balloons, Kiehls having their own popcorn and lollipop stand and Christian Dior having a special tarot scent card reader. I thought the tarot was an innovative and effective idea, as you had to pick your key favourites out of five questions, and they determined your style (and Dior fragrance that suits that style of course). Surprisingly I was given “Sensitive” and “Sporty” and Callie was given “Casual”- both incredibly accurate. As luck would have it, one of the perfumes I already use (Dior Addict 2) was the suggested scent I was to use. 

By the end of the night everyone’s DFS bags were full of girly goodies, everyone had lash extensions from Tokyo Lash Bar at Shu Uemura, everyone had had at least two make-over’s and massages and there were plentiful girly giggles from the endless Moet & Chandon being topped up.


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