BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo Launch


BMW splashed the cash holding a big bang launch for their new 5 Series Gran Turismo at Spasso Italian Bar on Thursday 3 December, 2009. 

With some Taiwanese pop-stars flown out for the event (don’t worry, I didn’t know them either) and some ‘modern dance’ the nicely lit terrace was ruined by old-style modeling techniques Hong Kong still likes to use.  I felt like I was watching an episode of The Price Is Right as each model was paraded out to pose in front of the new BMW (covering the trademark BMW logo no less). 

Aside from the boxy family sedan looking car, the event was an abundance of food and beverage. Fresh out of the wood-fire oven pizzas, Swiss chocolates and fois gras was in constant supply. Even as I was leaving at midnight and the party was winding up, the food was still being churned out. 

N.B way to host a good party = ensure the food and drinks are in constant supply!


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