M1NT 3rd Anniversary Party

Hong Kong’ s first ever shareholder club M1NT (also located in Cannes and Shanghai among others) hosted it’s 3rd Anniversary Party on Friday 20 November, 2009 with a circus inspired theme. After taking some HK visitors out for some karaoke, we unfortunately missed the majority of the entertainment for the night, which included vocalists, sequin clad dance troupes and aerial hoop performances.

However, this uber strict invite only event (it was Fort Knox getting in for most…not for me of course, he he) had free flow Verve champagne and Grey Goose vodka for the evening, which ensured a packed house of loose-lipped and loose-hipped party goers.

At one point the Grey Goose and Verve enabled me to conclude that I could out dance the podium dancers and subsequently channeled a Zoolander dance-off to raucous applause and paparazzi pics (or that’s what my hazy memory leads me to believe). But it wasn’t just me – it appears there were a lot of hazy dance-off memories of the night from those who attended this big tent bash!


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