Nike AW77 This Is My Hood Launch

Causeway Bay was Nike’s “hood” for one night, The swoosh brand threw a three-part event on November 11, 2009 to promote its big fall/winter fashion item- a retro hoodie inspired by 1977.

The trio started at the Causeway Bay shop, which was decorated with a mini carousel, arcade games and a large jelly bean dispenser giving out lettered and numbered buttons, which seemed strangely odd.

It was a tiny area with a strange assortment of objects that made no sense, so wasn’t long before off to part two, which was a small exhibition space on a second floor walk-up apartment around the corner.

Now the buttons made sense, as for the next two weeks people could come in to this apartment to get their own Nike hoodies custom made, by picking letters and numbers of their choice (duh!).

There were also optical illusions, sport clippings from 1977, famous Nike celeb sponsored portraits (Kobe likes 24, as only 24 hours in the day. Maria likes 87, the year of her birth) and piece de resistance Moet & Chandon…served in plastic cups…how uber chic!

Third and final stop was the after party at new Italian restaurant SML. Located in Times Square (nowhere near as big as the NYC version), drinks over-flowed as people lounged on the outdoor deck taking in the loud and eclectic mixes from performing DJ’s: Mademoiselle Yulia and Kid Cal.


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