Pole Paradise Studio Opening

Hong Kong pole goddess Symone Corby opened her own purple ‘Pole Paradise’ fit for all grown-up princesses on November 11, 2009. With pole, hoop and silk classes, now there is no excuse not to get fit and look damn sexy doing it!

Symone is the one who taught me how to pole dance and I cannot recommend her enough. She is patient and technically brilliant. Don’t knock it till you try it – pole dancing is incredibly difficult. I too was of the belief it was for strippers and albeit somewhat trashy, but I have found it to be the most addictive sport ever…yes, that’s right, sport! There is always a new move to master (some can take months) so it is constantly challenging.


One thought on “Pole Paradise Studio Opening

  1. Hey Natasha

    Love the photo’s they look great! Nice to hear about new pole dancing studios opening around the World.

    And thanks for saying great stuff about pole dancing. It really is a sport, you only have to look at those at the top of their game to see that. Check out Felix Cane on YouTube for instance and let those critics of pole dance eat there words….

    have fun on that pole people!

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